HP - Off-Network Cloud Printing (ONCP)

The use of ONCP requires licensing for the Advanced Security bundle. See your PrinterLogic Sales Representative for details.

ONCP is currently only available for Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, HP (Beta testing - Available upon request), Kyocera, Lexmark, and Ricoh MFP devices.

Off-Network Cloud Printing (ONCP) requires zero on-premise infrastructure while allowing anyone to print—no matter their network. It offers zero-trust network authentication and better print availability, with printing handled and stored entirely on the cloud. Off-Network Cloud Printing continues to bridge the gap between network security and flexible user printing but relieves organizations of service client maintenance and oversight.

ONCP exclusively provides support for RAW printing and is accessible solely within PrinterLogic SaaS instances operating on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.


  • You must have administrative access to the HP Command Center and administrative rights for the printer's settings in its console. Access to the printer's console can be done remotely or physically on the HP device(s).

  • Create a Service Client ensuring that on the Printer Apps tab, that Printer Apps is enabled and that the HTTPS certificate matches the hostname. 

    The Service Client is solely necessary for installing the ONCP App on the printer. Once the app is installed, it's entirely optional to keep the Service Client running. However, if the Service Client serves other essential functions or integrates with different services, it should remain operational for those specific purposes.

    • Ensure that the PrinterLogicServicePrinterApp.exe service is running on your Service Client machine.

  • If your Service Client is using Windows OS, ensure Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (32-bit/64-bit) or newer is installed on the Service Client.
    • Both the x86 and x64 redistributable packages must be installed. These packages can be found in the Microsoft Download Center.
  • All devices, to include Service Client, printers, etc., must be allowed to reach DNS server and resolve names.
  • Be using a supported printer found on the Supported Printers List. Filter your results by selecting the Off-Network Cloud Printing option from the Feature dropdown.
  • Ensure the following allow list URLs are open:
    • Oncp-ofn.app.printercloud.com

    • Oncp-pgw.app.printercloud.com

      Ensure you add the proper region code to the URL:
      • If you are located in EMEA, add a 5 after printercloud as shown in the following example:
        • Oncp-ofn.app.printercloud5.com
      • If you are located in APAC, add a 10 after printercloud as shown in the following example:
        • Oncp-ofn.app.printercloud10.com
      • If you are located in Canada, add a 15 after printercloud as shown in the following example:
        • Oncp-ofn.app.printercloud15.com
  • Ensure needed ports are open based on your printer manufacturer found on the ONCP Setup Requirements topic.

Enable the HP Workpath Platform on the Printer

If HP Workpath is not already enabled on the printer, follow these steps to enable it:

  1. Open the printer's web page in a browser, or physically sign in on the printer, as an Administrator.

  2. On the Security tab, select General Security in the menu if it is not already selected.

  3. In HP Workpath platform, select Enable.

  4. Select Restart.

Claim the Printer and Install the Vasion Solution

  1. Open the printer's web page in a browser, or physically sign in on the printer, as an Administrator.

  2. Select the HP Command Center application on the printer.

  3. Select Continue.

  4. Wait for the login information to display on the printer's console.

  5. Make a note of the displayed code and return to your computer.

    A mobile device may also be used to complete this step by scanning the displayed QR code and following the steps provided.

  6. Claim the printer by signing in to hpcommandcenter.com/claim and enter the code you got on the printer.

  7. Now navigate to the HP Command Center.

    You can quickly do this by removing the subdirectory "claim" from the URL in the browser address bar from the previous step.

  8. Select Accounts and select the Demo Pool account.

  9. In Solutions, search for and select Vasion ONCP, then select Manage.

  10. Select Install.

  11. Select the printers you wish to install, then select Next then Install.

Once the printer is installed in the HP Command Center with the Vasion ONCP solution you can proceed to the following steps to install the ONCP app.

Enable ONCP At A Global Level

  1. In the PrinterLogicAdmin Console select Tools then Settings then General.
  2. Scroll down to the Off-Network Printingsection.
  3. Select the option for Allow Cloud Printing.

    A default global setting can also be configured here to set Cloud Printing as the method for all print jobs.

  4. (Optional) Configure the Off-Network Priority printing based on the on-screen descriptions and your desired outcome.

    The Option for "Off-Network Primary" is not applicable to ONCP, and should not be selected.

  5. Click on Save.

A GIF demonstrating turning on ONCP in General Settings.

Enable ONCP At A Local Printer Level

If you have set Cloud Print as your default global method in the General Settings for all printers, this step is not necessary.

  1. In your Tree View select the printer object you want to enable ONCP on.
  2. Select the Off-Network tab.
  3. In the Off-Network Enabling section select the option for Use Printer-Specific Off-Network Printing Setting.
  4. In the drop-down field, select Cloud Print as your printing method.
  5. Click on Save.

A GIF demonstrating how to set ONCP at the printer level.

Install ONCP On Single Device

  1. Select the printer object you have set for Cloud Print.
  2. Select the Apps tab.
  3. Select the printer manufacturer.
  4. Select CPA 2.0.
  5. Select the Service Client running the printer app service.

    Cloud Print is not dependent on the CPA and can be installed as a stand-alone app or in conjunction with the CPA.

  6. Select the option for Off-Network Cloud Printing.
  7. Select the option desired for printer admin credentials. These can be set at a default level configured in Tools then Settings then General in the Control Panel Application section, or at a Printer Specific level on the current screen. In either case, ensure that the correct user credentials are entered.

  8. Click on Save.
  9. Now either physically go to the printer or remote to it's console and select the Vasion ONCP app to establish the web socket connection.
  10. You can now close the ONCP app on the printer.
  11. The ONCP app is now ready for use.

Install ONCP Using the CPA Manager

For information on installing ONCP in bulk see the CPA Manager topic.