Chromebook Overview

Chromebooks have increased in popularity in many environments over the years. PrinterLogic created the Install Chrome OS Client to work with these highly mobile devices.

Secure Release Printing

The Chromebook client extension allows for features like Pull Printing and Secure Release Printing.

Printer Deployments

With the addition of Chromebook support came additional PrinterLogic deployment options. Due to the uniqueness of the Chromebook, there are some changes to how deployments are made. The deployment options and support for Chromebooks are listed below:

  • Active Directory User / Groups
  • IdP Users / Groups
  • IP Address Range
  • Chromebook Serial Number
  • Chromebook Asset ID
  • Advanced Groups

Currently, hostname and MAC address deployments for Chromebooks are not supported.

In order for serial number and asset ID deployments to work, the Chromebook must be managed by the organization within their Google Admin Console.

Reference Printer Deployment for more information.

Using the Chrome OS Client

The Chrome OS Client is only compatible with Google Identity service. It will not work with other IdPs.

Using the Chrome OS Client is straight forward and simple for end-users printing from their Chromebooks. This simplicity requires very little familiarization by the end-user to be printing in a very short amount of time. Reference The use of the Chrome OS Client.