Control Panel Application (CPA)

Installed control panel application showing the options for User authentication with username, password, pin, and also the Scan Badge option.

CPA Login

The Control Panel Application is a tool that enables you to release pull printing jobs and secure release printing jobs directly from a printer's digital console. Like other PrinterLogic features, your administrator installs the Control Panel Application on the printer from the Admin Console. When you first walk up to the printer's console, you may or may not see the interface.

Accessing the login screen for the Control Panel Application may vary by printer, but you should be able to easily find it regardless of printer manufacturer and model. By default, Login Option #1 will always appear. You can use your network credentials to log in to the application (these are the same credentials you use to log in to your computer). Login Option #2 will appear if your administrator has installed the application with this option enabled. If not, you will see only Login Option #1.

Control Panel Application window as seen after it's installed on the printer, showing two jobs sitting in a user's print queue and ready for release.

Control Panel Application

Login Option #2 is for use with a badge scanner. In some companies, you are provided with a badge, card, or dongle for security purposes, for example, entry to the building. Many IT administrators will tie the badge, card, or dongle to printing as well. So, if your printer contains Login Option #2, then look around on the printer for a badge scanner as well. The first time you run your badge over the badge scanner, you will be prompted to enter your network credentials (just as you would in Login Option #1). The benefit to this setup is that once your badge is validated against your credentials, the next time you want to release a print job, all you have to do is swipe your badge to open the Control Panel Application. When you are validated and the Control Panel Application opens, you will see the window.

The Control Panel Application will display only the print jobs being held for the person who logged in. The interface clearly shows that you can select one or more print jobs for release, or you can release all the print jobs for the end-user's account. If you do not see your print jobs, you can press <Refresh>.

If your printer has a scanner but no interface, you can still release print jobs on the printer. This release process is called Simple Badge Release. You do not need to log in. Instead, your administrator will have set up your badge for release. Additionally, this setup will release either the last print job sent to the queue or it will release all print jobs in queue, but this all depends on how your administrator has set up the Simple Badge Release. Finally, Simple Badge Release generally uses a badge scanner that is attached to the printer via USB rather than a built-in badge scanner.

Another feature available is PIN Authentication, which can add a new login option to the Control Panel Application interface if your administrator enables PIN Authentication in the Admin Console. This new login option appears in the Control Panel option.

Installed control panel application showing the User ID and pin login, and also the Scan Badge login option.

Additionally, your administrator can enable you to set your own password from within the Control Panel Application. Just click Menu then PIN Printing then Manage Pin.

Self-Service Portal menu showing the expanded options and the Manage PIN sub option highlighted in the Authentication section.