Vasion Print

Starting in February 2024, a new interface uniting PrinterLogic SaaS and Vasion Automate became available to customers. Vasion is making the new interface available in phases to customers meeting the minimum requirements. Some customers may be eligible for early access if qualified. More information can be found in the FAQ section of this topic.

With this unification, PrinterLogic is now referred to as Vasion Print. However, your print experience has stayed the same. The functionality and end-user experience remain the same, but you'll see new capabilities and features.

Vasion Automate is a comprehensive solution that helps you digitize and automate your business. In addition to robust print management features, we're equipping you with more functionality to drive change in a rapidly digitizing world. Vasion Automate includes:

  • Vasion Print - Centrally manage printed and digital documents with serverless printing. Including all of the functionality you have come to love in PrinterLogic!

  • Forms - Easily create digital forms to collect information with no-code drag-and-drop functionality. You can create and edit form templates to efficiently collect data and signatures. Find more in-depth information in the Vasion Automate Forms documentation.

  • Signature - Signature is available as a tool within Forms. Add a Signature widget to your form, allowing the submitter to draw or type their signature directly. Find more in-depth information in the Vasion Automate Forms documentation.

  • Workflow - A powerful tool that combines two workflow types to automate everyday business tasks and manage printing requirements. These two Workflow are:

    • Business Process Workflows - Automates repetitive office tasks to fuel higher efficiency. Find more in-depth information in the Vasion Automate Business Process documentation.

    • Rules & Routing Workflows - Rules & Routing is an Output Management tool that automates print and workflow behaviors according to predefined criteria, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in print and workflow tasks. Find more in-depth information in the Vasion Print Rules & Routing documentation.

      Access to Rules & Routing requires licensing for the Output Management bundle.

How will my experience change?

Unified login

Your new login experience, although a different look, will function the same way as before by logging you into the familiar Admin Console. Those using IdPs for Single Sign-on purposes will see that their login options have automatically transferred to the unique login experience. With the Unified Login all users that currently have a PrinterLogic Administrator Role will be given the Application Admin Role for Vasion Automate. Find more in-depth information in the PrinterLogic SaaS Sign In documentation.

New navigation bar

A new bar will be visible on the left side of your Admin Console, providing easy access to Vasion Print and the new features available in Vasion Automate. Options available will be quick links to:

  • Forms - Where you can create and edit form templates.

  • Signature - A tool that is currently accessed within a form.

  • Workflow - Access to workflow processes.

  • Vasion Print - The Vasion Print Admin Console.

  • Admin - Access to the Vasion Automate admin settings for user Accounts and Authentication for configuring identity providers

    IdPs configured in Vasion Print will display in the Vasion Automate Authentication page. However, modifications or additions to identity provider settings should still be configured or modified from the Print Admin Console as is currently done.

  • Help - Quick Access to online documentation, product support page, privacy policy, and master software agreement terms.

  • User Account Information - User Account Settings and a Vasion Automate sign out option.

    Signing out using this option will only sign you out of the Vasion Automate part of Vasion Print. To completely exit the product, continue to use the logout option you currently use in the Vasion PrintAdmin Console.


Is there any additional cost to Vasion Automate features?

All new Vasion Automate functionality is included in your existing PrinterLogic license with a limitation on the number of Form creators and Workflows. The Rules & Routing Workflow is only available to those customers with licensing for the Output Management bundle. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need additional Form creators, Workflows, or would like to upgrade to advanced functionality.

Can I get early access to PrinterLogic SaaS and Vasion Automate?

Customers can request access to PrinterLogic SaaS with access to Vasion Automate early if desired. This request is as simple as filling out the Vasion Automate Fast-Track Request form. If you meet the qualifications, our dedicated team will contact you with instructions to enable it.

What authentication methods does Vasion Automate support?

When used in conjunction with PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterLogic), Vasion Automate supports the same IdP integrations. The caveat is that some identity providers require a Service Client that is not part of Vasion Automate and, therefore, requires configuration within PrinterLogic SaaS.

How will Vasion Automate integrate with my current PrinterLogic instance?

The login to Vasion Automate and PrinterLogic SaaS (formerly PrinterLogic) is unified under one platform, requiring the latest IdP Settings configuration screen. For migration details, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Where can I learn more about Vasion Automate?

Check out the following resources to learn more about Vasion Automate, and please direct any questions to your Customer Success Manager.