Email Printing

Email Printing enables an end-user to forward an email (from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop) to a printer that has been explicitly designated for printing from email. Email Printing is an umbrella term to identify all three email printing types of Email Printing,Direct Email Printing, andDirect Email Guest Printing.

With Email Printing, the end-user, validated through Active Directory, sends or forwards an email to a specific email address linked to a printer object. The email is held in a universal print queue, enabling the end-user to release the job later. End-users can also designate a specific printer to release mobile print jobs automatically. Held jobs show in the end-user's Release Portal and can be released to the printer from there or using another release mechanism.

Email Printing is only supported for those using LDAP/Active Directory. The use of IdPs such as Azure, Okta with Email Printing is currently not supported.

Printers using a Canon Generic Plus PCL6 driver must have the Spooling at Host setting disabled. Having this setting enabled causes email print jobs to remain in a held status, and they will not print.


Configure Email Printing

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to the Service Client's Email Printing tab.
  2. Check the box for Enable Email Printing.
  3. Select the None Selected button and select the Pull Printer to use for processing email print jobs.

    Email printing section with arrows going to the Enable Email Printing and button to choose the service client to use in the configuration.

  4. Enter the email address that you would like to use for Email Printing.

    Email printing section with an arrow pointing to the Pull Printing Email Address field.

  5. Configure the IMAP settings.
    • If using Office 365 or Exchange online, and need to configure OAuth 2.0, see the Configure OAuth 2.0 documentation.
  6. Configure the SMTP settings.

    Email Printing tab with the SMTP settings showing.

  7. Select Enable Office-type File Attachment Printing if you want to enable end-users to print attachments.
  8. Select Only Print Attachments to print only the attachments without including the email body. If there are no attachments, the email body will be printed instead.

  9. Type the path to access the LibreOffice executable.

    Enable Office-type File attachement printing section with arrows pointing to the Select office suite dropdown, and the text field to enter the path to the LibreOffice Executable.

  10. If wanting to use Direct Email Printing options, select the desired options.

    If wanting to use Direct Email Printing, see the topic specific to it for further information.

    If wanting to use Direct Email Guest Printing, see the topic specific to it for further information.

    Email Printing tab showing the enable/disable options for direct email and direct guest email printing.

  11. If you are using PKI Encryption, reference PKI Encryption for steps.
  12. Select Save.
  13. On the Service Client, verify the PrinterLogicServiceEmail.exe is running.

    • Open Task Manager and select the Processes or Details tab.
    • The three client processes, PrinterLogicServiceManager.exe, and PrinterLogicServiceEmail.exe should all be running.
    • Services for other features enabled on the Service Client will also be running.

    Task Manager's Details tab, showing the enabled services running for the client, service client, and email printing.

Enable Mobile Printing

Emails can now be sent or forwarded to a pull printer, and released by the end-user to printers with Email Pull Printing setting enabled. If configured, release options include: Release Portal, PrinterLogic App User Guide, Control Panel Application (CPA), Simple Badge Release, and Release Stations.

For more information on Secure Release Printing, reference Secure Release Printing.

Release Portal

To access the Release Portal:

  • In a supported browser, visit <YourURL>
  • Visit your Self-service Portal.
    1. Click Menu.
    2. Navigate to Pull Printing then Print Job Management.
      • If you don't see these menu options, check your Shortcut Options on Tools then Settings then Client in the Admin Console.
      • Reference Client Settings Tab

To release a job, check the box next to the held print job and click Release.

Release Portal showing three pull print jobs and one secure print job held, and the Release and Delete buttons under each queue.